General Information


Vine Park Brewery
1254 West 7th Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55102


Tuesday: Noon to 8pm
Wednesday: Noon to 8pm
Thursday: Noon to 8pm
Friday: Noon to 8pm
Saturday: 9am to 5pm

Beer Brewing Hours
Tuesday-Friday: 1pm, 4pm, 7pm
Saturday: 9am, Noon, 3pm

Closed Sundays & Mondays



How many people can I bring to brew beer?
A Brewing adventure should be a “hands-on” experience and fun! To ensure that both your group and other brewers have a fun and safe experience around the hot kettles, we request that a batch of beer be made by one to three people.  If you book all six kettles (thus not impacting other brewers) you may bring up to five people per kettle (up to 30 total).  If you have more than four people per kettle there will be a fee of $25 per person for each person over 4.

How much does it cost?
Costs will range anywhere from $175-$205 per full batch of beer and $95-$115 per half batch of beer and $120-$295 per batch of wine.  We do not charge per person, but by the batch.  Bottles are not included in the full batch price and will cost an additional $0.95 per bottle (approx. $70 per batch)for beer.  Bottles for the half batch are included and are not reusable.   Bottles for a batch of wine will cost an additional $1.50 per bottle (approx. $45 per batch).

How much does each batch make?
Each full batch of beer will make at least 72, 22-oz. bottles.  That works out to 6 cases (12 bottles per case) of beer per batch.  If that’s more beer than you can handle at one time, try a half batch or check out one of our brew party nights.  Each batch of wine will produce approximately 30 bottles of wine or 2.5 cases.  We also offer Wine Party nights once a month, which will send you home with one case of wine if 30 bottles is more than you want.

Can we taste samples of the different beers or wines prior to making our choices?
Yes. Samples are limited to our current growler selection, which change routinely. Current Minnesota alcohol regulations prevent us from being able to serve wine samples.

How long will my beer stay fresh?
Our beer is not pasteurized and does not contain any preservatives. If you store your beer at room temperature, we recommend drinking it within six weeks. If you refrigerate it immediately, it should last up to three months.

When I brought my bottles in, I was told they were not clean enough. Doesn’t your machine clean the bottles?
While it may look & sound like a dishwasher, it is not. It is a bottle sanitizing machine. The bottles that go in must first be clean. If there is residue, mold, or yeast growth in the bottles, the bottles will not be sanitized and will contaminate your beer. Cleaning your bottles is simple if you do it right away. Simply rinse each bottle with hot water three times, shaking the water out each time and storing the bottles upside down in the boxes provided.

Do not use soap or run thru your dishwasher even if you don’t add soap to the cycle. Soap will leave a residue in the bottles that sanitizing cannot remove.

What options do I have for labeling my beer?
We sell blank label stock that you can take home and design and print your own creative label. (80 labels for $10).  We have a book of labels previously done by customers if you need some inspiration.

When should I arrive for my appointment?
Please plan to arrive about 15 minutes early to get settled in, do the paperwork, and if still undecided to pick out your recipe with the Brew Coach. That way we can start the brewing on time. This is especially true on Brew Party and Wine Party nights.

Gift Certificates

We now have two options for purchasing Gift Certificates. They can be ordered via our secure online system. Or you can just call us at the Brewery to ask questions, purchase over the telephone, and download a gift certificate.

Gift Certificates may be purchased in any dollar amount you choose. As a guide, the average price of a batch of beer is $175, and the average price for the wine is $195. If they are a first time customer, they will need to invest in a supply of bottles. Bottles for a batch of beer will run about $70 and for wine about $45 with tax. The recipient will then call us to make a reservation and decide which beer or wine recipe they will be making. They may also bring a friend or two along to enjoy the experience. A more affordable option is the Tuesday Night Brew Party, which is $60 per person and $25 for bottles. Again, Gift Certificates may be purchased in any dollar amount you choose. The recipient will decide how they would like to use the Gift Certificate. Brew Party is held every Tuesday night at 7pm, otherwise you may come in to brew individual batches Tuesdays at 1pm or 4pm, Wednesday through Friday 1pm, 4pm or 7pm and Saturdays at 9am, noon or 3pm.

Year of Beer card

A great gift idea for the beer lover in your life is a “Year of Beer card” from Vine Park. This card costs $100 and entitles the bearer to get twelve fills of a Vine Park Growler jug. Those twelve refills can be spread over 12 minutes, 12 days, 12 months, or 12 years.

We also offer a 6-Pack Growler Punch card.  This card is just like our twelve growler fills card, but this card costs $60 and gets six refills.

And if you are really feeling generous, you could provide the growler jug too! Of course, while you can order the Year of Beer Card online, you must stop by to get the actual Growler jug.