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2013 Brew Party Nights & Wine Party Nights | Download PDF

Every week there will be one night we call Brew Party Night. Most weeks it will on Wednesday unless that is our Wine Party Night. This a collaborative event that mixes education with fun... and you end up with knowing more about the beer & wines you take home. Sort of a like a class with really fun home-work if you get our meaning. Our Brew Coaches will guide you and ensure the quality of your product.

Wednesday Brew Party Night

Each Wednesday's Brew Party Night is from 7-9:00pm, we offer group brewing sessions for 12 people at a discounted rate. As a group, you will brew 6 different recipes*, and then return two weeks later to bottle your group's beer. The cost per person is $75 (for 3 mixed cases of beer) and re-useable bottles are available at $34.20 (for 36 bottles). Reservations are required.

Once a month, it will be Two fer Tuesday Brew Party Night from 7-9pm, everything is the same but we will allow up to 18 people to brew. Again, you will go home on bottling night with some of all six beers but each person will take home 2 mixed cases. The cost per person is $50 and re-useable bottles are available. Reservations are required.

Two fer Tuesday Brew Party Night was created to offer three features:
  1. Lower Price – Two nights of fun and two cases of mixed beer for only $50
  2. Less Beer – Sounds strange yet for many couples brewing six cases at one time is too much
  3. Tuesday night – a different night may work better for your schedule

See the Brew Schedule

Monthly Wine Party Nights!

Invite yourself to our monthly Wine Party! You and other fun wine people will create four varieties of wine. Return six weeks later to bottle, cork, and label your wines. Each month we will change up the Wine Mix so make your reservation for the night(s) where the Mix is what you want. For even more flexibility, you can reserve 1, 2, or 3 on up to the total of 10 cases of finished wine.* For example; Sue wants 2 cases, Mary wants 3 cases, Steve wants 1 case and Juanita wants the last 4 cases. Each would pay accordingly. Case Price is $75 (except where noted) which includes wine, corks, our services, labels, and boxes. To ensure a quality experience we do require the use of VPBC supplied bottles. New sanitized bottles sold on site or you can re-use your bottles from previous wine making as long as they come in clean and label free. Wine Party will start at 7:30pm.

See the Wine Schedule

Reserve Your Spot

We create the group as individuals, couples, etc. You do not need to organize a group of 12 or 18, but you can if you want. Reservations for Brew Party must be made by calling the brewery or in person. The On-Line reservation system will show all Brew Partys as not available. This DOES NOT mean they are full. It simply means that you can’t reserve a spot that way. Please call 651.228.1355 to check availability or to book your spot.

*VPBC reserves the right to adjust the number of beers or wines produced to match the needs of the group.


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