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How many people can I bring to brew or make wine?
A Brewing or Wine Making adventure should be a “hands-on” experience and fun! To ensure that both your group and other brewers have a fun and safe experience around the hot kettles, we request that a batch of wine or beer be made by one to three people. Due to the space in the wine area we limit groups to nine people or less. For beer brewing, if you book all six kettles (thus not impacting other brewers) you may bring up to four people per kettle.

Can we taste samples of the different beers or wines prior to making our choices?
Unfortunately, the answer is no; we cannot legally serve alcohol. We do have a recipe comparison chart that will give you comparisons to commercial beers you might be familiar with for all of our recipes.

How long will my beer stay fresh?
Our beer is not pasteurized and does not contain any preservatives. If you store your beer at room temperature, we recommend drinking it within two months. If you refrigerate it immediately, it should last up to six months.

When I brought my bottles in, I was told they were not clean enough. Doesn’t your machine clean the bottles?
While it may look & sounds like a dishwasher, it is not. It is a bottle sanitizing machine. The bottles that go in must first be clean. If there is residue, mold, or yeast growth in the bottles, the bottles will not be sanitized and will contaminate your beer. Cleaning your bottles is simple if you do it right away. Simply rinse each bottle with hot water three times, shaking the water out each time and storing the bottles upside down in the boxes provided immediately after pouring them into a glass.

Do not use soap, dish soap, or run thru your dishwasher even if you don’t add soap to the cycle (past washing will have left a soap residue in the machine). Soap will leave a soapy taste in the bottles that will persist into the next usages despite our sanitizing them. Using hot water three times as a rinse done after emptying the bottle will do the job.

Why do you use 22 oz bottles?
We want your experience to be fun. Bottling in 12 oz bottles will take more then twice as long and would become quite tedious. Special arrangements can be made if you have your own 12 oz bottles and can come in during a slow part of the day. This would need to be done when the brewing times are being booked.

Can you brew the beer for me and I’ll stop by and pick it up?
No, Vine Park is a Federally licensed BOP or Brew On Premise. Under this license, only customers can make the beer or wine. When we start commercial production, state law requires that we sell that beer only to a licensed distributor.

What options do I have for labeling my beer?
We have several choices for you. The simplest is marking the caps and it is free. We sell blank label stock that you can design and print your own creative label. (100 labels for $10) We have preprinted labels with our designs for about half of our beer recipes ($20 for 72 labels) . We also work with an outside design & printing company that can print custom labels for you with either our designs or yours. These start at $46.00.

When should I arrive for my appointment?
Just like going to the movies, you don't want to arrive at the movie start time. Please plan to arrive about 15 minutes early to get settled in, do the paperwork, and if still undecided to pick out your recipe with the Brew Coach. That way we can start the brewing on time. This is especially true the Brew Party and Wine Party nights. Everyone will like you better if you don't make them wait for you.