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Beer Brewing

Full batch = 72- 22oz. bottles / Half batch = 48 – 12oz bottles

Empty bottles – $0.95 each / $70 for 1 full batch

80 blank labels – $10

Pale Ales – Full batch $175 / Half batch $110

California Steam

This beer is crisp, smooth, fully hopped and has a residual sweetness.

Naked Sunday Cream Ale

This light, golden brew has a mild and slightly sweet, creamy flavor.

Lazy Days Ale

A medium bodied amber ale with an assertive hoppiness and distinct bitterness.

Red Claw ESB

This amber ale has a somewhat bitter and slightly fruity flavor and a distinct hoppy finish.

Red Hyena Ale

A light bodied amber ale with a subtle hop and malt flavor and a dry finish.

Rudolph’s Red Nose Ale

Cascade and Fuggles hops along with a variety of malts give this winter warmer its charm and appeal.

Smooth Sailing Pale Ale

A smooth, light golden ale with just enough hop bitterness.

Horny Toad Pale Ale

Smooth, crisp character, floral yet somewhat bitter flavor and slightly fruity finish.

West 7th Amber Ale (aka Stump Jumper Amber Ale)

Rich amber ale with a smooth and mildly nutty malt profile, that’s well balanced by a medium dose of English hops.

Summer Blond Ale (aka Poj Laib Blond Ale)

Bright and refreshing summer ale.  Crisp hops give it a really great finish.

Red Rooster Pale Ale

Assertively hopped American pale ale. Citrusy in both aroma and flavor.

Sticky Wicket ESB

A traditional British pale ale. Beautifully balanced between hoppy and malty.

India Pale Ales (IPA) – Full batch $195 / Half batch $120

Pheasant Plucker IPA
A medium bodied copper ale with a mild fruit undertone and floral hop flavor.

Mulligan Ale
This American India Pale Ale is dark amber in color with a well defined hop character and floral aroma.

Big Tex Imperial Pale Ale
Imperial sized dark amber ale packed with heaps of Amarillo hops giving this beer huge flavor & aroma.

100% Evil IPA
Nothing good here but the big bold Centennial hop taste matched only by the imperial strength of this light amber ale.

Bloody Bonkers IPA
An IPA with a bold Citra hop aroma, flavor and finish. A literal Hop Bomb.

Foggy Fortnight Black IPA
A dark colored IPA with strong notes of roasted malts and chocolate. Full bodied, full flavored.

Brown Ales – Full batch $175 / Half batch $110

Chestnut Brown Ale
Our heaviest brown. Smooth and easy on the palate; heavy on the stomach.

Walnut Brown Ale
Medium bodied ale, mildly hopped with a slight coffee flavor.

Tornado Alley Alt.
A dark German ale or alt-bier. This brown ale has a bittersweet chocolate flavor and a hint of coffee.

Porter Ales – Full batch $195 / Half batch $120

Grizzly Porter
Medium bodied with hints of coffee, a malty sweetness and hop bitterness.

Rabid Penguin Porter
Our most complex porter, with a defined malty sweetness, coffee undertone, assertive bitterness and a fuller body.

St. Paul Porter
This lighter bodied porter has a smooth flavor with coffee undertone.

Long Portage Porter
Smooth dark brown porter that balances a chocolate tinged malt base with assertive & crisp Centennial hops.

Stouts – Full batch $195 / Half batch $120

Black Magic Imperial Stout
Our darkest, heaviest beer. Rich malty flavor, coffee overtones, and high alcohol. Not for the faint of heart.

Eelpout Stout
Bittersweet, full bodied and dry with a wonderful roasted barley flavor.

Irish Stout
This almost black brew has chocolate overtones and a hint of coffee. It’s really smooth and not heavy bodied.

Oatmeal Stout
This stout with added oatmeal has a hint of chocolate and a slightly sweet finish. It’s so much more than a breakfast drink.

Coffee Stout
Strong notes of coffee malt are the dominating characteristics of this stout. Mild hops compliment the roasty qualities.

Dare Devil Ale – Full batch $195 / Half batch $120

This heavy bodied brew is high in alcohol and fairly sweet with a light hop taste that is similar to a Barley Wine.

Highlander Scotch Ale – Full batch $195 / Half batch $120

A strong, full bodied, dark ale with a sweet maltiness and dry finish.

Holiday Cheer Ale – Full batch $205 / Half batch $130

A malty sweet, lightly spiced ale with added pumpkin, all spice, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. (Call ahead to ensure ingredient availability.)

Pumpkin Ale – Full batch $195 / Half batch $130

This heavy bodied brew is high in alcohol and fairly sweet with a light hop taste that is similar to a Barley Wine.

Lagers – Full batch $175 / Half batch $110

Crazy Ludwig Lager
This copper colored brew has a nice hop aroma and smooth, clean taste. Similar to an imported German lager.

Dark Moose Lager
A medium bodied brown lager with a mild hop and malty sweet character. The most popular imported beers are the foundation for this brew.

David’s Black Bavarian
This light-medium bodied black brew has a smooth flavor with hints of coffee and caramel, and a malty sweet undertone.

Dortmunder Export
This strong, golden lager has a good malt aroma, soft full body, dry finish and an overall well balanced character.

Hound Dog Dry
A light lager with no lingering aftertaste, low malt flavor and aroma, but relatively high alcohol.

Loose Moose Lager
The light companion to our Dark Moose. It’s pale gold in color with a distinctive hop and mild malt flavor.

Monk’s Lager
This is a Belgian light lager that has a crisp, clean finish. Not sweet, but not bitter; this beer is a nicely balanced light option.

Munich Helles
This golden brew is our Dunkel Bock’s lighter companion, with a more defined hop character and less malty sweetness.

This amber lager traditionally served for autumn celebrations. Combines a moderate bitterness & malty base with a clean finish.

Oktoberfest Dark
A darker and more malty version of our Oktoberfest recipe, this beer finishes clean and has really nice caramel undertones.

– Full batch $175 / Half batch $95

Capitol Hill Pils
Distinctively hoppy, yet well balanced and smooth. A true Czech pilsner brewed using Cara Pils malt and Saaz hops.

Frogtown Pilsner
Hoppy, crisp and golden. Simple ingredients, yet a well defined flavor profile making this the beer to judge all lagers by.

Minneapolis Pils
Between an American and Czech pils. A good transitional beer for those not sure how hoppy they like their beer.

American Wheats
– Full batch $175 / Half batch $95

Honey Wheat
Has a mellow sweetness of honey balanced by a light hop bitterness.

Windy River Wheat
This beer has a mild and refreshing light citrus flavor. Great on a hot summer day with a slice of lemon.

European Wheats
– Full batch $195 / Half batch $105

Bavarian Hefeweizen
A traditional, authentic German wheat beer, unfiltered and cloudy with a banana and clove aroma. (Liquid yeast included. These unfiltered beers contain live yeast. They will need to be kept cool to prevent bottle fermentation.)

Dunkel Weizen
The dark version of our Bavarian Hefeweizen. Its wheaty tartness and roasted character make this full of flavor and complexity. (Liquid yeast included. These unfiltered beers contain live yeast. They will need to be kept cool to prevent bottle fermentation.)

Belgian Wit
A pale cloudy wheat beer with a tart taste. It is light in color and spiced with coriander & bitter orange peel. (Liquid yeast included. These unfiltered beers contain live yeast. They will need to be kept cool to prevent bottle fermentation.)

– Full batch $205/ Half batch $130

is rich brown ale that is complex in flavor with notes of chocolate & caramel. High in alcohol and body, your nose will pick up plum & raisin.

is where things get real serious. This very high alcohol beer is light in color, spicy aromas, and a complex taste of malt, alcohol tones, and a citrus fruit overlay. You will want to let this one age a bit as it will improve in flavor.
Originally made in household breweries during spring. A fairly strong & hoppy creation for summer drinking with a striking bitterness. Special yeast fills it with a striking spicy, peppery and earthy tartness.

Bière de Garde
This Ale is fermented with a Lager Yeast at Ale temperatures. Biere de Garde has bronze color, higher alcohol levels and a “clean” taste. More of a richer, sweeter, and malt focused taste than a Saison w/o the spice & tartness.

Hard Cider
– Full batch $205/ Half batch $130

Mixed up like our wines it takes just minutes to make. Bottling is just two weeks later just like our beers. Apple Cider for Adults! This delicious cider will remind you of champagne with its pale yellow color & lively sparkle of carbonation. Serve at holiday parties or out on the patio for a refreshing change.


We brews up a batch every week and you can get some until we run out. Recipes will rotate but the one constant is that they will be fresh and handcrafted each week in our all-grain brewing system. We’ll refill your empty jugs or buy it back for $5. While we expect most of our growlers will go out the door with our brewers & wine makers, they are available for walk-ins too!

Empty 64 oz ug- $5

Refill – $13 each

“Year of the Beer” card – $100 for 12 refills

Root Beer

Our root beer is hand crafted in small batches using organic cane sugar, locally produced honey, and other secret ingredients. It contains NO high fructose corn syrup and NO caffeine.

12 oz bottle – $1.75
6 12 oz bottle packs – $7.50
A case of 12 oz bottles – $30

Keg – $135 (includes tap and ice bucket if needed)

6-Pack Growler Punch card – $60 for 6 6-pack refills

Vine Park will allow you to return any unused root beer to be re-carbonated and chilled; you then return to bottle it in 22oz bottles to take home. Nothing is wasted. Standard bottle costs and policy apply. Give us a call if you have questions.

Wine Making

To give your wine the look it (and you) deserves, we offer blank label stock for you to print your own custom labels and various colors & styles of shrink wrap bottle tops.

Each batch of wine yields 2 1/2 cases = 28 to 30 bottles.

Blank labels – $10 per batch of wine.

Shrink wrap bottle tops – $10 per batch of wine.

Bottles, Basic Labels, & Shrink Caps – $55 per patch

Island Mist Wines – $120

These wines can be enjoyed immediately, but will serve best after 1 month of aging.

Black Raspberry Merlot
Ruby red in color, this flavorful blend accentuates the qualities that make the Merlot grape varietal so appealing. The aroma and flavors of freshly picked, ripe raspberries merge with the lush richness of berries and fruit that naturally burst from the Merlot grape. Soft, supple and easy drinking – a true treat.

Exotic Fruits White Zinfandel
A fantastic pairing of the natural berry and plum flavors of White Zinfandel with a host of luscious fruits including blackberry, strawberry, passion fruit and blackcurrant. This clever combination unleashes a full fruit intensity with a wonderfully balanced, slightly tangy finish.

Green Apple Riesling
The flavor sensation of biting into a crisp, crunchy green apple, with a pleasant tartness followed by a delicious juicy finish. Natural apple flavors blend perfectly with the lively apple notes that are one of Riesling’s delightful trademarks. Clean, cool and crisp a wonderful balance of apple flavor with the slight acidity and firm character of the Riesling grape.

Peach Apricot Chardonnay
Delicious peach and apricot flavors are blended with the world’s most popular white wine variety for a thirst-quenching delight. Chardonnay quietly contributes a subtle dryness and perfectly balanced acidity, with hints of its own citrus and fruit flavors. The result is irresistibly refreshing and perfect for any occasion.

Pomegranate Zinfandel
Pomegranate is a wonderful summer flavor that blends so well with Zinfandel. The Pomegranate’s earthy, rich juice balances with Zinfandel’s spicy, robust grapes creating a delicate spicy sweetness that has a particular uniqueness on the first sip and leaves you wanting more.

Wildberry Shiraz
Ripe, intense, concentrated berry fruit flavours account for the meteoric popularity of Shiraz, an irresistible red grape variety and a natural to get its own Island Mist berry pairing. Taste blueberries, strawberries and blackberries, with an exquisite balance of refreshing fruit and acidity that will have you at the bottom of your glass before you know it.

Kiwi Pear Sauvignon Blanc
Crisply tart and deliciously fruity with a luscious combination of kiwi, pineapple and banana flavors which meld beautifully into rich pear aromas.

Reserve Wines – $195

White Selection Series wines should be served after a minimum of 3 months of aging, but are best served after 6 months. Red Selection Series wines should be served after a minimum of 6 months of aging, but are best served after 9 months.

The character of this fine German varietal is truly distinctive. This white wine displays a flowery bouquet, complex fruit and cinnamon flavors and a crisp, clean finish. It is very versatile in pairing with foods, especially seafood, pork or veal. Sweetness: Dry / Body: Light-Medium / Oak Intensity: None

Pinot Grigio
The uniquely Italian version of the well known Pinot Gris grape, picked earlier in Italy than in all other regions and well before its characteristic loss of acidity at ripening, for a bright, crisp, dry white wine with a gentle perfume and a detectable spiciness. Fresh, fragrant and lively, its flavors include a certain flintiness with hints of citrus and almonds. Sweetness: Dry / Body: Light-Medium / Oak Intensity: None

Our Chardonnay is full, supple, buttery and fruity, this golden wine delivers from start to clean, lingering finish. Ideal with chicken, fish, salads and cream-sauce pastas. Sweetness: Dry / Body: Medium-Full / Oak Intensity: Heavy

White Zinfandel
Everybody’s favorite blush displays the trademark pink hues and a soft, refreshing taste that make it particularly enjoyable as a chilled delight on a summer afternoon. It must be tried to be believed. Sweetness: Off-Dry / Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: None

Powerful fruit and spice flavor, with mellow tannins for a supple finish. Deserves aging, but will develop quicker than Cabernet Sauvignon and will stand up to the same food pairings. Sweetness: Dry / Body: Medium / Oak Intensity: Medium

Pinot Noir
A delicate wine with aromas of violet and luscious red fruit characteristics of cherry, strawberry and raspberry. Silky tannins grip your palate and end with a velvet, smooth finish. An elusive aftertaste of spice & toasty vanilla makes you long for more. Sweetness: Dry / Body: Medium / Oak Intensity: Medium

Cabernet Sauvignon
Our version of this classic boasts black pepper and berry bouquets that balance a notably flavorful body, with tannins that develop with age. This wine will pair extremely well with beef, turkey, lamb and stews. Sweetness: Dry / Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Medium

Shiraz is seductively delicious, with startlingly rich, ripe aromas that deliver right through to the full zesty finish. Amazingly, the style allows for polished tannins early, so the young wine is not rough or harsh. The aged version retains the core fruit flavors of plums, cherries and blackberries, but gains extra polish. Sweetness: Dry / Body: Medium-Full / Oak Intensity: Heavy

Private Reserve Wines – $295

White Eclipse Series wines should be served after a minimum of 3 months of aging, but are best served after 6 months. Red Eclipse Series wines should be served after a minimum of 9 months of aging, but are best served after 12 months

Sonoma Dry Creek Valley Chardonnay
Fruit shines through with citrus scents and tropical flavors in this fresh, well-balanced wine while its rich, round mouth feel lingers to a long, crisp finish. Sweetness: Dry / Body: Medium-Full | Oak Intensity: None

Lodi Ranch 11 Cabernet Sauvignon
Oak and tannins, pepper and spice combine to enhance trademark blackcurrant and cherry flavors. Rich fruit and complex structure dazzle from first aroma to long, refined finish. Sweetness: Dry / Body: Full | Oak Intensity: Heavy

Napa Valley Stag’s Leap District Merlot
Light warm oak accentuates a spicy aroma with a soft, supple and fruity palate of plums and red berries. Rich, round flavor provides an elegant lingering finish. Sweetness: Dry / Body: Full | Oak Intensity: Heavy

Special Order Wines

Please call to pre-order and we will have it before you arrive.

Eclipse Forza

Located in Northeast Italy, just north of Venice. The Veneto stretches across most of the northern reaches of the Adriatic Sea. The Veneto is known to experience hot summers and cool winters, and thanks to its proximity to the sea, less extreme weather than other Northeastern regions. Silty, sandy soil prevails throughout the Veneto, with influences of clay and calcareous debris. The Veneto produces the most wine in volume in Northeast Italy.  The wine is deep ruby color with aromas of plum, smoke and spice. Rich flavors of dark fruit, chocolate, and cedar with lingering oak and a firm, long finish.
Sweetness: Dry
Body: Full