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Wine Making
Our wines are a great choice for you & your friends to make and enjoy. Wine takes only minutes to make, but months to mature; so come in soon to ensure its ready when you are. Choose from eight classic wine varieties from around the world or reach for the more unique with every changing Small Lot Wines. In addition to our traditional grape wine varietals, you can make refreshing (and lower alcohol) blended fruit wines. Please call us to find out our current seasonal wine offerings as they change frequently. 651.228.1355

New! Wine Party Nights will be held every month and you can sign up to be part of our Wine Party team to make a variety of wines and take home the amount that fits for you. This is a collaborative event that mixes fun, education, and wine making. Click here for more info and schedules

Winemaking Process
Gift Boxes
Standard Wine Varieties
Seasonal and Small Lot Wines
Annual Masterpiece Wine Opportunity

Our Wine Menu is now available as a PDF download. Download now.

To set up a reservation to make wine all you have to do is call and we will help you find a time that will fit your schedule.

You may make wine by yourself or organize a group. We make wine everyday except Sundays. You may make a reservation Monday through Friday as early as 11 AM or as late as 7:30 PM and Saturdays as early as 9:30 AM or as late as 3:30 PM.

To ensure a comfortable wine making experience we suggest groups be no larger then 9 people. For larger groups, we can work in shifts making the wine or shift the operation out to the brewing area but this must be pre-arranged with us. As with the beer brewing, we find that it works best if one to three people share making a batch of wine. So for a group of nine, we would suggest at least three batches of wine. This also gives you the opportunity to each take home a variety of wines styles.


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When you make wine with us, the prices listed are for the wine itself, the services we provide over the six weeks of fermentation & clarification, and the corks for your bottling. Wine bottles are available from us or you may re-use your bottles from a past experience. Bottles are $1.40 a piece and a full batch will cost approximately $42.00 and will be ready (clean & sanitized) when you arrive for your bottling appointment. If you bring in your own bottles, they must be clean inside and we will show you how to sanitize them. We will instruct you on how to properly clean your bottles for a future wine making or if you are planning to bring your own bottles in.

To give your wine the look it (and you) deserves, we offer labels (pre-printed, customized, or blank stock for you to print on) and various colors & styles of shrink wrap bottle tops. Labels-Pre-printed cost $10.00 / batch of wine. Customized label costs will vary and we can discuss in person. Shrink wrap bottle tops cost $10.00 / batch of wine.

Our prices Include:
Standard - Wine, Corks & Our Services.
Package - Wine, Corks, Bottles, Basic Labels, Shrink Caps, One Gift Box & Our Services.

Abandoned Wines: PLEASE NOTE that any wines that are left on our premises for over three months (90 days) will be disposed of and become property of Vine Park Brewing Co.
Don't forget about your wine... bottle sooner rather than later!


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The Winemaking Process 1. Making Your Wine
A Vine Park Brew Coach will help you and your group blend the wine recipe of your choice. (Your time: 1/2 hour)

2. Fermentation
After winemaking, your wine will ferment for six weeks.

3. Bottling & Corking
Each batch of wine yields 2 1/2 cases = 28 to 30 bottles. (Your time: 1/2 hour)

4. Storing & Aging Your Wine
After bottling, you will need to stand your bottles upright for the first 48 hours. Then lay them on their side to age for a minimum of 6 to 9 months, depending on the style. While aging, your wine should be stored at a cool room temperature.


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Give the Gift of Your Wine Gift boxes for four bottles or six bottles will really make it easy to share your creations. Or maybe just to bring a few along for a romantic weekend.

Four wine bottle box: $3.00

Six wine bottle box: $4.00


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